Monday, May 24, 2010

The Mormon Fashionist...times TWO!

The time is soon coming when I will no longer be able to bring you the spotted fashions of LDS members in Melbourne. Yes, it is true. I am serving an 18 month long mission in Salt Lake City, Utah, for the Mormon church. This means no blogging! But never fear!...My awesome, and stylish, friend will be taking over and no doubt, will do a better job then me.
She is a Melbourne girl, now living in Utah! She will be capturing fashion in Utah and whilst I'm still here, I'll keep bringing you the Melbourne style. It will be great! There will be more pics for you to view and more advice for you to hear...well, read...
Her name is Elle, she will post under her name, and I under mine, Brianna.

Keep checking us out!
And always remember...modest is Hottest
keep looking gorgeous

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Brianna said...

oh and I just noticed the heading and all the other little changes... I love it :)