Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At Church....Salt Lake City

As you can see Vanessa is a gorgeous example of a young lady. She looks elegant and confident. Her outfit can work for both the office and Church which  is quite versatile. I also  adore her accessories. A dash of color with a red bag and cute floral pumps. High waisted skirt is sticking around ladies. So she will look great for a long time to come with this staple number. You can mix it up with a blouse or just a plain shirt and a thick belt over it and you have a new outfit! I just love key item's that can be worn several different ways.

But we all have days were "we can't find anything to wear" my best tip is to go back to basics that you know 100% work for you. I have several outfits that are put together so when ever I'm having of those days they are my "go to outfits."  Sometimes I think we need to be  reminded to stop obsessing about our personal imperfections and start highlighting the little gifts.


Brianna said...

Awesome start Elle!! I love your comments about having 'go to outfits' and highlighting our little gifts! :)

Elle Stallings said...

I'm glad you like the changes, it was so much fun putting everything together.

Front Row Mode said...

Loving the look