Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In the chapel...YSA Fireside, Melbourne

Imogen, a Brisbane YSA, says that when she came to Melbourne she's like...what's with all the black and grey!?... This colourful number is refreshing in amongst the crowd of grey and it so suits her personality, which I was lucky enough to get a small glimpse of at the fireside.
*Tip* Wear some colour. Even if it's just a scarf or some paint on the nails.

In the Chapel...YSA Fireside, Melbourne

The lady in scarlet...there's always something appealing about her.
*Tip* Red looks great on everyone. All skin tones, all hair colours. Don't be afraid to wear it!

Friday, April 23, 2010

In the chapel...YSA Fireside, Melbourne

I spotted her from across the room. Love this skirt!

In the chapel...YSA Fireside, Melbourne

Victoria is all elegance. Her hair is always done, her makeup always perfect, her skin without flaw...shes got it all together.
Sometimes your whole look can be ruined if you hair looks a mess, your nails are all chipped with old polish or eyes have sleep stuck in the corners! Great style and an awesome outfit means head to toe.

Beautiful Girls.
Notice, the girl on the left has lengthened her dress by wearing a plain black pencil skirt underneath. Great idea! One to copy!

In the chapel...YSA Fireside, Melbourne

The head it!
*Tip* accessories!!!..but not too much.

In the Chapel...Sunday Best, Melbourne

Finally some boys are coming on! Johnny has done well. Clean, simple but stylish. That's how I like to see the boys.

Legrand is a stylish guy. He's always got great clothes on, but the best thing about his look is the awesome smile he wears!...too bad you can't see it in this photo.
*Tip for the boys* Skinny dark suit, white shirt - looks good!