Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At Church....Salt Lake City

As you can see Vanessa is a gorgeous example of a young lady. She looks elegant and confident. Her outfit can work for both the office and Church which  is quite versatile. I also  adore her accessories. A dash of color with a red bag and cute floral pumps. High waisted skirt is sticking around ladies. So she will look great for a long time to come with this staple number. You can mix it up with a blouse or just a plain shirt and a thick belt over it and you have a new outfit! I just love key item's that can be worn several different ways.

But we all have days were "we can't find anything to wear" my best tip is to go back to basics that you know 100% work for you. I have several outfits that are put together so when ever I'm having of those days they are my "go to outfits."  Sometimes I think we need to be  reminded to stop obsessing about our personal imperfections and start highlighting the little gifts.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Mormon Fashionist...times TWO!

The time is soon coming when I will no longer be able to bring you the spotted fashions of LDS members in Melbourne. Yes, it is true. I am serving an 18 month long mission in Salt Lake City, Utah, for the Mormon church. This means no blogging! But never fear!...My awesome, and stylish, friend will be taking over and no doubt, will do a better job then me.
She is a Melbourne girl, now living in Utah! She will be capturing fashion in Utah and whilst I'm still here, I'll keep bringing you the Melbourne style. It will be great! There will be more pics for you to view and more advice for you to hear...well, read...
Her name is Elle, she will post under her name, and I under mine, Brianna.

Keep checking us out!
And always remember...modest is Hottest
keep looking gorgeous

Sunday, May 16, 2010

In the Chapel, YSA Fireside...Melbourne

It seems Ashly has thrown this style together so easy. It's relaxed, it's cool and she looks confident! That is what makes this work.

*Tip* Once I was tossing over what to wear (as us ladies often do). I was asking my friends opinion on what outfit she thought looked best, she just looks at me and says 'wear what you feel most comfortable in'. I though about this, then went and put on what I really felt the best in. I thought this was great advice. However, the comfort that I'm talking about here is not the tracky-dack, ugg-boot and baggy T-shirt wearing sort of comfort that should only be seen inside your own household!! I'm talking about the comfort of liking how you look, of wearing something that suits you, that suits your figure, that suits your style and reflects your personality. Of wearing something that emulates the kind of person you are and how you want to be viewed. Yes, of course, don't be afraid to step out of your little small box of what style is if you're feeling your style needs a bit of tweaking. But always make sure you feel comfortable. Go to that bit of extra effort to do your hair a little nicer and put on a little mascara if it makes you feel prettier (and I don't mean that in a shallow way). Just wear that dress that's a little bit different, but you love it and how you look in it. Do you know what I mean!? Be comfortable about how you look! Because comfort equals confidence and confidence with-in ones self, true confidence, is what really makes a person look great!

In the Chapel, YSA Fireside...Melbourne

Although we love a white shirt for church on Sunday... you can jazz it up a little for a fireside. Bring in a little bit of colour or stripes, but don't go over board. You've done well Jordon, looking very suave.

In the Chapel, YSA Fireside...Melbourne

Prints are great! Spots and stripes are definitely going to continue to be in fashion next season. Thumbs up! But, the lace up shoes are what I like most in this combo.

In the Chapel, YSA Fireside...Melbourne

Amanda's Gorgeous!
Although her outfit is all black and white, she's brought in a splash of colour with her scarlet nails and headband. I love the little bow on the headband! Coupling it with the rings of luscious curls, adds the perfect amount of sweet girliness to this otherwise corporate look.