Sunday, March 14, 2010

Women of Christ

I'm sorry faithful readers (if you exists) it's been a while. There haven't been many opportunities to check out the Mormon fashion lately. But do not fear...opportunities will come and more modest style will be coming you way! To view, comment on, to love or hate...but it's all for fun!

I have to confess, that since starting this blog I've been paying a little bit more attention to the ladies in the church. Naturally, my focus would usually be drawn to men. But being on the prowl for hot, modest fashion, has opened my eyes to the awesomeness of the women in the church. Maybe I'm being bold, but I recon the church has some of the most beautiful women going round! Thanks to the Work of Wisdom they are full of health and vitality. With bright eyes, great bods, and a pretty promising assurance they will age well. Their love for our Saviour Jesus Christ gives them that special glow, the glow that can only be found when you have the spirit with you. Their testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel shows that they have a strength of character, that they are happy with themselves and who they are...this makes them smile, a real smile. A smile of confidence. A smile that says 'I'm not afraid to be my own person, to stand out amongst the crowd. I will be true to myself and my Father in heaven, because I know he loves me'. They have true courage. Their baptisms shows that they can commit. That they are someone who will dress, act and be the way Christ and Heavenly father would want them to be. Women of true virtue. With an innocence, but an amazing maturity. Women who wont give themselves up to just anyone. Feminine, lovely, charitable...women of Christ.

So my lovely sister...never forget your worth, your potential, your divine purpose! Please never forget! Because you're all awesome!

Next time I'll have some photo's for you all!

xxx until next time