Monday, May 23, 2011

I want to move to Amsterdam

Looking at these photo's makes me want to move to Amsterdam.
I'm in love everything European. 
Always have been.
They ooze style with very little effort.
They are really ahead with self expression.
I get a lot of my influences from their fearless style.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Every Sunday morning I like to think about what outfit I can pull together with my clothes that I haven't done before. Sometimes I like to look at fashion magazine's for this inspiration. I was flipping through Instyle magazine and discovered an outfit with pieces that I knew I had never worn before together. I was super excited to try it on. Once I did, I got the approval from my hubby I was set to go.

White Shirt (Witchery), Skirt (Gap), Belt (Thrifted), Shoes (Sportsgirl)

 This was a very comfortable outfit.

Tiffany is a great example of a gorgeous young lady who always dresses beautifully and modestly. I've seen her week to week wearing cute dresses that can be both worn in winter and summer. She just pairs with them leggings and boots.

I really love her dress, I think what pulled everything together were the white beaded necklace and white peek-boo pumps.