Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Beginning

One of the biggest challenges for a Latter Day Saints women is finding clothes that are modest and stylish...well maybe it's not the biggest challenge, but it's up there!

We've all experienced those moments where it feels like we've been shopping endlessly, but still can't seem to find the 'right' dress! A dress that is the right colour, the right style, not too over the top, not too plain, suits our figure, our style, our personality....the list goes on!

Try adding to that list the requirements for it not to be strapless, boob tube, tummy baring, leg baring, back baring, chest baring...this tends to make things a little more difficult. Don't get me wrong, I love dressing modestly! It's classy, it's hot and we should all show respect to our bodies! It can just be a challenge sometimes...especially when there's a YSA or Youth Ball coming up!

It sucks when you find an decent dress (usually meaning, it goes to the knee!) and then have to cover it up with a tacky shrug...which ends up making you get ginormous sweat patches! Not too good when you're trying to attract the prey (men that is)!

What I'm out to do is not fix this problem...but help a sister out! Give her some advice and share with her what our other sister in the church are doing to keep it modest but hotest. A girl loves fashion, there's no doubt about it and although we shouldn't covet it, worship it, or spend our entire incomes on designer pieces, there's nothing wrong with having fun with what we wear.

Photos will be going up of real women in the church who have got it right. They're looking good and covering up. Whether they're just coming to church on Sunday or they're at a YSA dance, I'm going to capture them in action!

Keep on checking us out!

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